Jan Hoek´s (PA0JNH) book on history of ARDF Championships

[2015-04-23] Most of you already heard of it. Next (already 4th) edition (on CD) will be available at the upcoming championship. Jan kindly asks all participants and officials to bring with them old (1960's to early 80's) materials (maps, start numbers, medals, results, bulletins, badges, photos etc.). He would like to scan these items — so don't worry, you'll get your stuff back. For details regarding missing items, please, contact Jan directly via email.


Official photos of the championship

[2016-09-01] Jan Černohorský finaly released all the pictures he has taken during the EC — check his (NEW) photogallery.
Feel free to use them for promotion!

Saturday map released

[2015-09-06] Competition map from the second classsic is ready for download. Many thanks for keeping it secret! Official Results including this map are also ready for download.

Regional TV reported on Championship

[2015-09-04] Regional station "TV Západ" reported on Championship (in Czech only) on Friday, Sep 4 (see time span of 8:55–11:25).

More typos corrected in Results

[2015-09-04] Few more typos were corrected in Official results. You might like to download updated version.

Official photos of the championship

[2015-09-01] Jan Černohorský have taken a plenty of photographs during the EC — check his photogallery.
Training available now, further will follow soon.
Feel free to use these pictures for ARDF promotion!

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August 17–23, 2015
Mapu pro závody připravil Olles — mapy pro orientační běh.